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Meet Likharri Employees

Enterprise Account Executive

Jacob as an Enterprise Account Executive. It explains how to fill the projected gap within the Likharri platform. They play an important role in meeting the regularity requirements of the staff. It does the best of their ability in the Likharri Talent Platform.

Program Success Manager

You can contact Isabella our Program Success Manager before using our service. Within the services provided within our Likharri platform. Isabella Program Success Manager provides operational support. He also helps to get started with the posting of your project, as well as act as a practice advisor.

Director, Global Payments

Sophia is Director of Global Payments on the Likharri platform. It handles handling and overseeing all aspects of payments made to us. It handles all factors ranging from optimization, monetization to operation, and compliance.

Director of Sales Training

Within our Likharri platform, Emma known as Director of Sales Training. When using our services, they help bring hired employees to the board for you through a high training program.

Senior Director, Human Resources

William known as a Senior Director of Human Resources in the Likharri Platform. It handles overseeing corporate policies and procedures at work. It takes responsibility for developing programs. Programs is that I am good at improving the workplace. Working brings new skills and motivates employees to work harder.

Engineering Manager, Android

Within our platform, Jayden known for developing software for a wide variety of writers and freelancers. So, it helps us to look for opportunities at the Likharri Platform. Developing software and a mobile app, it helps freelancers come up with ideas as well as opportunities while they're running. Jayden will help develop mobile apps and software. It allows for more instant communication between Likharri platform partners.

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