About Us

A Better Way to Work Remotely

In reply, two friends developed a new platform on the internet that became visible and got the trust for working remotely. The idea got so much success that they started realizing that many businesses can be benefited from trusted access to the large cluster of talent and at the same time, workers can have the freedom or flexibility in terms of working hours and finding jobs. So, they started a company that aimed at delivering on the assurance of this technology. Now have a glance at today, that same technology became the base of Likharri a ruling flexible solution for talent. Millions of jobs are being posted on this platform annually and independent professional workers earn money in return to providing their services to companies in 70+ niches with 5000+ skills.

A World of Opportunities

Across quite different categories of work, different businesses are getting services via Likharri. These works include web development, mobile apps development, search engine optimization, content writing, graphic designing, social media marketing, virtual assistants, and multiple thousands of other projects. Via Likharri, it becomes quick, easy, and cost-effective to search, employ, work with, and pay the experts at any place and any time.

Likharri has most zealous writing experts belonging to hundreds of different kinds of niches from across the globe.

  • We started in November of 2015. This platform has been built gradually. It started from one article at a time. Days passed, years passed, and not it’s been more than a decade since with started.
  • Each article is reviewed ‘Twice’, that too by humans.
  • Multiple thousands of professional authors have enrolled themselves to offer their best skills through short and plain written articles.
  • Every month brings tens of thousands of brand new articles.
  • Our foremost aim is to provide an authentic source of content for all the collaborators captivated by our website.
  • We are obsessive about our users. All the decisions are taken to facilitate our users with a great experience.
  • We are obsessive about speed. We never stay satisfied with our speed and keep investing with newer partners to enhance the speed as much as possible.
  • We provide innovation on our platform which enables the experts and professionals to share their wisdom, understanding, comprehension,and cognizance. In return, they receive traffic on their websites.
  • We are metrics-driven and focus on quality and efficiency.
  • Our website provides indigenous articles where the author holds full right to the content.
  • Our professional content can be best served to publishers of email newsletters who search for content to syndicate to ease their members.
  • We are a small but impassioned team of humans who stay ready to provide exceptional service to our users.

Work for a Purpose. And With a Smile.


Help to bring online work from every corner of the world.


Become a part of an amusing and impassioned team redeveloping the industry. On the way, you’ll be awarded a handsome paycheck and work that truly matters.


Maintain a healthy balance between work and life, with huge cheer up by free lunch and pleasing social gathering in afternoons to work-from-home-Wednesdays.